Welcome to the brand of steel and alloy «Aloro»

Our team made every effort to make an open online Steel helper. We hope that it will become the best and most popular in the world. We tried to make it simple. Simple things are clearer and more enjoyable to use.

Steel and alloy helper will help engineers and traders to navigate faster in the sea of rolled metal. Perhaps, we will be a part of new discoveries and simplification of development in the world. The vestibule was developed in November 2015. Then it was reworked starting from November 2016. Finally, version 1.0 saw the world on November 20, 2017. The technical difficulties are related to the rather time-consuming process of creating a common and unified database. After all, the grades of steels and alloys are quite different. Especially, considering the many countries and standards.

More than 10 data sources are processed. 7 people for 2 years workedover the steel and alloy helper (by the Autumn of 2017). We will continue to develop and fill the portal.

So, our indicators:

  • Steels and alloys CIS: 7 644
  • Steels and alloys Germany: 3 083
  • Steels and alloys USA: 1 487
  • Steels and alloys all: 12 214

Made of our best knowledge. However, we are not responsible for any errors or misprints in the grades. For improvements, please write to .

Rolled metal calculator

Handy tool to calculate weights of non-ferrous and stainless steel depending on its size