For casting inlays, and receipt by the rolling of monometallic and bimetallic strip followed by the stamping of the inserts with the thickness of the antifriction layer is less than 0.5 mm.


Country Section Category
CIS, Russia, Ukraine Aluminum, aluminum alloys Antifriction aluminum alloy

Chemical composition

Standard Fe, % Si, % Cu, % Ni, % Al, %
GOST 14113-78 < 0.5 < 0.4 < 0.3 2.7–3.3 95.4–97.3

Information on suppliers

Physical characteristics

Temperature, °C $$E\cdot 10^{9}$$, $$MPa$$ $$\alpha\cdot 10^{6}$$, $$K^{-1}$$ $$\varkappa$$, $$\frac{W}{m\cdot K}$$ $$\rho$$, $$\frac{kg}{m^3}$$
20 66 22.6 126 2800

Mechanical properties at 20 °C

Rolling Standard Size, mm Tension Classifiers $$\sigma _{U}$$, $$MPa$$ $$\sigma_{P}$$, $$MPa$$ $$\epsilon_L$$, % $$\psi$$, % Treatment
Casting in chill mold 115–140 43–65 16–24 27.5–33.5

Brinell hardness number

Rolling Standard Classifiers Value, HBW
Casting in chill mold 320–400

Casting and technological parameters

melting point, °C

Coefficients of Friction

coefficient of friction with lubrication coefficient of friction without lubrication
0.0135 0.3


Standard Description
GOST 14113-78

Description of chemical elements

Element Units of measurement Description
Fe % Iron
Si % Silicon
Cu % Copper
Ni % Nickel
Al % Aluminium

Description of physical characteristics

Parameter Units of measurement Description
$$E\cdot 10^{9}$$ $$MPa$$ Elastic modulus
$$\alpha\cdot 10^{6}$$ $$K^{-1}$$ Coefficient of thermal (linear) expansion (range 20°C–T)
$$\varkappa$$ $$\frac{W}{m\cdot K}$$ Coefficient of thermal conductivity (the heat capacity of the material)
$$\rho$$ $$\frac{kg}{m^3}$$ The density of the material

Description of mechanical properties

Parameter Units of measurement Description
$$\sigma _{U}$$ $$MPa$$ Ultimate tensile strength
$$\sigma_{P}$$ $$MPa$$ Proportionality limit
$$\epsilon_L$$ % Elongation at break (longitudinal)
$$\psi$$ % Reduction in cross section on fracture

Description of the casting and technological parameters

Parameter Units of measurement Description
melting point °C The temperature at which solid crystalline body makes the transition to the liquid state and Vice versa