Temperature hot processing 800−950 degrees Celsius.

For butt-welding machine parts, electrodes for welding stainless steel and high-temperature alloys


Country Section Category
CIS, Russia, Ukraine Bronze Bronze, heatproof

Chemical composition

Standard Be, % Sn, % Ti, % Cu, % Zn, % Ni, % Al, % Pb, %
GOST 614-97 0.2–0.4 < 0.1 0.05–0.15 97.15–98.35 < 0.2 1.4–1.6 < 0.15 < 0.005

Information on suppliers

Physical characteristics

Temperature, °C $$\varkappa$$, $$\frac{W}{m\cdot K}$$ $$\rho$$, $$\frac{kg}{m^3}$$ $$R\cdot 10^{-6}$$, $$\Omega\cdot m$$
20 188 8830 39.2

Mechanical properties at 20 °C

Rolling Standard Size, mm Tension Classifiers $$\sigma _{U}$$, $$MPa$$ $$\sigma_{Y}$$, $$MPa$$ $$\psi$$, % Treatment
Round GOST 614-97 850 840 10

Brinell hardness number

Rolling Standard Classifiers Value, HBW
Alloy deformirovanii 150
Alloy annealed 80

Casting and technological parameters

Hot working temperature, °C annealing temperature, °C
800–950 750


Standard Description
GOST 614-97
TU 48-21-92-89

Description of chemical elements

Element Units of measurement Description
Be % Beryllium
Sn % Tin
Ti % Titan
Cu % Copper
Zn % Zinc
Ni % Nickel
Al % Aluminium
Pb % Lead

Description of physical characteristics

Parameter Units of measurement Description
$$\varkappa$$ $$\frac{W}{m\cdot K}$$ Coefficient of thermal conductivity (the heat capacity of the material)
$$\rho$$ $$\frac{kg}{m^3}$$ The density of the material
$$R\cdot 10^{-6}$$ $$\Omega\cdot m$$ Electrical resistivity

Description of mechanical properties

Parameter Units of measurement Description
$$\sigma_{Y}$$ $$MPa$$ Yield strength
$$\sigma _{U}$$ $$MPa$$ Ultimate tensile strength
$$\psi$$ % Reduction in cross section on fracture

Description of the casting and technological parameters

Parameter Units of measurement Description
Hot working temperature °C The temperature at which the plastic-deformed metal recrystallizes during the pressure treatment
annealing temperature °C The temperature at which the processes return recrystallization and homogenization of the metal to reduce its hardness for subsequent machining