For brazing copper, red brass, bronze and steel


Country Section Category
CIS, Russia, Ukraine Copper, copper alloys Copper Alloys

Chemical composition

Standard Fe, % Cu, % Zn, % Pb, %
GOST 23137 - 78 < 0.1 51.4–56.6 43.4–48 < 0.5

Information on suppliers

Physical characteristics

Temperature, °C $$\alpha\cdot 10^{6}$$, $$K^{-1}$$ $$\rho$$, $$\frac{kg}{m^3}$$
20 21 8300

Mechanical properties at 20 °C

Rolling Standard Size, mm Tension Classifiers $$\sigma _{U}$$, $$MPa$$ d5, % Treatment
Alloy GOST 23137 - 78 343 20

Brinell hardness number

Rolling Standard Classifiers Value, HBW
Alloy GOST 23137 - 78 128

Casting and technological parameters

melting point, solidus, °C melting point, liquidus, °C
876 880


Standard Description
GOST 23137 - 78

Description of chemical elements

Element Units of measurement Description
Fe % Iron
Cu % Copper
Zn % Zinc
Pb % Lead

Description of physical characteristics

Parameter Units of measurement Description
$$\alpha\cdot 10^{6}$$ $$K^{-1}$$ Coefficient of thermal (linear) expansion (range 20°C–T)
$$\rho$$ $$\frac{kg}{m^3}$$ The density of the material

Description of mechanical properties

Parameter Units of measurement Description
d5 % Elongation at break
$$\sigma _{U}$$ $$MPa$$ Ultimate tensile strength

Description of the casting and technological parameters

Parameter Units of measurement Description
melting point, solidus °C The temperature at which melts the low melting component
melting point, liquidus °C The temperature at which equilibrium falls first crystal