particularly for parts with high corrosion resistance in sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid of various concentrations and temperatures, and aqueous solutions of alkali salts at a local temperature drops to 30 degrees in the body parts without dynamic and variable and fluctuating loads.


Country Section Category
CIS, Russia, Ukraine Cast iron High alloy cast iron

Chemical composition

Standard Fe, % Si, % Mn, % P, % C, % S, % Mo, %
GOST 7769-82 78.1–82.5 14–16 < 0.8 < 0.1 0.5–0.9 < 0.1 3–4

Information on suppliers

Mechanical properties at 20 °C

Rolling Standard Size, mm Tension Classifiers $$\sigma _{U}$$, $$MPa$$ Treatment
Casting GOST 7769-82 60

Brinell hardness number

Rolling Standard Classifiers Value, HBW
GOST 7769-82 390–450


Standard Description
GOST 7769-82

Description of chemical elements

Element Units of measurement Description
Fe % Iron
Si % Silicon
Mn % Manganese
P % Phosphorus
C % Carbon
S % Sulfur
Mo % Molybdenum

Description of mechanical properties

Parameter Units of measurement Description
$$\sigma _{U}$$ $$MPa$$ Ultimate tensile strength