For pumps for alkalis to vessels that store caustic alkali; equipment parts soap and food industries, industries for the production of artificial silk and plastics; suitable in cases where materials are required that do not contain copper.


Country Section Category
CIS, Russia, Ukraine Cast iron Nickel cast iron

Chemical composition

Standard Fe, % Si, % Mn, % Cr, % Cu, % Ni, % C, %
GOST 7769-82 67.7–79.5 1–2.8 0.5–1.5 1–2.5 < 0.5 18–22 < 3

Information on suppliers

Physical characteristics

Temperature, °C $$E\cdot 10^{9}$$, $$MPa$$
20 0.95

Mechanical properties at 20 °C

Rolling Standard Size, mm Tension Classifiers $$\sigma _{U}$$, $$MPa$$ $$\epsilon_L$$, % Treatment
Casting GOST 7769-82 170–210 2.5

Brinell hardness number

Rolling Standard Classifiers Value, HBW
GOST 7769-82 120–215


Standard Description
GOST 7769-82

Description of chemical elements

Element Units of measurement Description
Fe % Iron
Si % Silicon
Mn % Manganese
Cr % Chrome
Cu % Copper
Ni % Nickel
C % Carbon

Description of physical characteristics

Parameter Units of measurement Description
$$E\cdot 10^{9}$$ $$MPa$$ Elastic modulus

Description of mechanical properties

Parameter Units of measurement Description
$$\sigma _{U}$$ $$MPa$$ Ultimate tensile strength
$$\epsilon_L$$ % Elongation at break (longitudinal)