GOST 21631-76

Information about the standard

Standard GOST 21631-76
Country CIS, Russia, Ukraine
Type of standard ГОСТ
Description GOST 21631-76
Materials A0H, A0H2, A0M, A5M, A5N, A5N2, A6M, A6N, A6N2, A7M, A7N, A7N2, AD00M, AD00N, AD00N2, AD0M, AD0N, AD0N2, AD1M, AD1N, AD1N2, ADM, ADN, ADN2, AMg2, AMg2M, AMg2N, AMg3, AMg3M, AMg3N2, AMg5M, AMg6, AMg6B, AMg6BM, AMg6M, AMg6U, AMg6UM, AVM, AVT, AVT1, Cladding material 1, Cladding material 2, D12M, D12N2, D16AM, D16AT, D16ATN, D16BM, D16BT, D16BTN, D16M, D16T, D16TN, D16U, D16UM, D16UT, D1A, D1AM, D1AT, LAMSH77-2-0.05, MMN, V95-1A, V95-1AM, V95-1AT, V95-2A, V95-2AM, V95-2AT, V95-2B, V95-2BM, V95AM, V95AT1, VD1A, VD1AM, VD1AN, VD1AT, VD1B, VD1BM, VD1BN, VD1M, VD1N, VD1T