GOST 5632-14

Information about the standard

Standard GOST 5632-14
Country CIS, Russia, Ukraine
Type of standard ГОСТ
Materials 02HN30MDB, 03H21N32M3B, 03H21N32M3BU, 05HN32T, 06HN28MT, 07Х15Н30В5М2, 08XH35WTO, 10H11N23T3MR, 10XH28VMAB, 10XH45YU, 12HN38VT, 12XH35WT, 12XH38VB, Heat Resistant Nickel Alloy EP998, CHS33U, ChS57, ChS57U, CS108, CS33, CS81, DI-13, DI-21, DI-77, EI10, EI100, EI107, EI211, EI229, EI268, EI283, EI319, EI349, EI388, EI402, EI404, EI417, EI432, EI435, EI437A, EI437B, EI437BU, EI439, EI448, EI474, EI481, EI484, EI496, EI559A, EI572, EI580, EI598, EI602, EI607, EI612, EI617, EI628, EI645, EI652, EI654, EI680, EI684, EI69, EI695R, EI696, EI696A, EI698, EI703, EI703B, EI711, EI72, EI726, EI732, EI736, EI765, EI787, EI802, EI826, EI827, EI835, EI867, EI868, EI893, EI929, EI943, EK100, EK102, EK151, EK171, EK77, EK79, EP109, EP126, EP164, EP199, EP202, EP33, EP454, EP516, EP567, EP590, EP670, EP708, EP718, EP742, EP747, EP758U, EP760, EP795, EP814A, EP975, Heat Resistant Nickel Alloy EP999, HN28VMAB, HN32T, HN33KVYu, HN35VT, HN38VT, HN45MTUBR, HN45YU, HN55MVYU, HN55VMTKYU, HN56VMKYU, HN56VMTYU, HN57MTVYU, HN58MBU, HN58V, HN60VT, HN60YU, HN62BMKTYU, HN62MVKYU, HN62VMYUT, HN63MB, HN65MV, HN65MVU, HN65VMTYU, HN67MVTYU, HN68VMTYUK, HN69MBYUTVF, HN70MVTYUB, HN70VMTYU, HN70VMTYUF, HN70VMYUT, HN70YU, HN73MBTY, HN75MBTYU, HN75VMYU, HN77TYU, HN77TYUR, HN77TYURU, HN80TBYU, KhN55MVTs, KhN55MVTsU, N70MFV, Structural low-carbon stainless steel 1X16H25V5TYU2R, Heat resisting structural steel 20X25H13ATL for castings, Heat resistant high alloy structural steel 20X25H25TY, VZH136, VZH145, VZH159, VZH172, VZH175, VZH98, XH54K15MBYuVT, XH55K15MBYuVT, XH56K16MBVYUT, XH56KMYUBVT, XH59KVYUMBT, XH78T