GOST 1583-93

Information about the standard

Standard GOST 1583-93
Country CIS, Russia, Ukraine
Type of standard ГОСТ
Materials Alloy 34A, Cast aluminum alloy AK10su, AK21M2.5N2.5, Alloy aluminum foundry AK5M, AK5M2P, AK7 Aluminum Cast Alloy, Aluminum Cast Alloy AK8M, Alloy aluminum foundry AK9, AL11, AL23, AL32, AL32D, AL32K, AL32V, AL32Z, AL34, AL4, AL4-1, AL4D, AL4K, AL5, AL5-1, AL5-1D, AL5-1K, AL5-1V, AL5-1Z, AL5D, AL5K, AL9, AL9-1, AL9-1D, AL9-1K, AL9-1Z, AL9D, AL9K, AL9V, AL9Z, Aluminum cast alloy AK12ch (silumin), Alloy aluminum AK12M2, Alloy aluminum alloy AK12M2MgN, Alloy aluminum foundry AK12MMgN, Aluminum casting alloy AK12och, Aluminum cast alloy AK12P, Aluminum casting alloy AK12pch, Alloy aluminum AK12zh, Aluminum casting alloy (silumin) AK13, Alloy aluminum foundry AK4M4, Alloy aluminum foundry AK5M2, Aluminum cast alloy AK5M4, Aluminum Cast Alloy AK5Mch, Alloy aluminum foundry AK6M2, Aluminum foundry alloy AK7ch, Alloy aluminum foundry AK7P, Aluminum foundry alloy AK7pch, Aluminum foundry alloy AK7TS9, Aluminum casting alloy AK8l, Aluminum cast alloy AK8M3, Aluminum casting alloy AK8M3ch, Aluminum foundry alloy AK9M2, Aluminum Cast Alloy AK9P, Alloy aluminum foundry AK9pch, Aluminum foundry alloy AK9s, Aluminum foundry alloy AL13, Aluminum foundry alloy AL19, Aluminum foundry alloy AL2, Aluminum casting alloy AL22, Aluminum casting alloy AL23-1, Aluminum foundry alloy AL24, Aluminum foundry alloy AL25, Aluminum foundry alloy AL27, Aluminum foundry alloy AL27-1, Aluminum casting alloy AL28, Aluminum casting alloy AL29, Aluminum casting alloy AL30, Alloy aluminum AK5M7, AM4.5cd, AM4.5Kd, AM5, AMg10, AMg10ch, AMg11, AMg11D, AMg11K, AMg11V, AMg11Z, AMg4K1.5M, AMg4K1.5M, AMg4K1.5M1, AMg5K, AMg5Mts, AMg6L, AMg6lch, AMg7, AMg7D, ATs4Mg, B124, SIL-0, SIL-00, SIL-1, SIL-2, Aluminum foundry alloy AK9TS6, V2616, VAL10, VAL10M, VAL11, VAL12, VAL8, VKZHLS-2, VKZHLS-2K
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