GOST 5632-72

Information about the standard

Standard GOST 5632-72
Country CIS, Russia, Ukraine
Type of standard ГОСТ
Materials 000H23N28M3D3T, 01H25T-VI, 03H16N15M3, 03H16N15M3B, 03H17N14M3, 03H18N10T, 03H18N11, 03H18N12, 03H21N21M4GB, 03H22N6M2, 03H23N6, 03HN28MDT, 04H18N10, 05H18N10T, 06H18N11, 06HN28MDT, 06HN28MT, 07H16N4B, 07H16N6, 07H21G7AN5, 08H10N20T2, 08H13, 08H15N24V4TR, 08H16N11M3, 08H16N13M2B, 08H17N13M2T, 08H17N15M3T, 08H17N5M3, 08H17N6T, 08H17T, 08H18G8N2T, 08H18N10, 08H18N12B, 08H18N12T, 08H18Tch, 08H20N14S2, 08H21N6M2T, 08H22N6T, 08Kh18T1, 08X18H10T, 09H14N16B, 09H14N19V2BR, 09H14N19V2BR1, 09H15N8YU, 09H16N15M3B, 09H16N4B, 09H17N7YU, 09H17N7YU1, 0X23H28M2T, 0Х15Н65М16В, 0Х23Н18, 0Х23Н28М3Д3Т, 10H11N20T2R, 10H11N20T3R, 10H11N23T3MR, 10H13SYU, 10H14AG15, 10H14G14N3, 10H14G14N4T, 10H17N13M3T, 10H18N18YU4D, 10H23N18, 10X17H13M2T, 11H11N2V2MF, 12H13, 12H17, 12H17G9AN4, 12H18N10E, 12H18N12T, 12H18N9, 12H21N5T, 12H25N16G7AR, 12X18H10T, 12X18H9T, 13H11N2V2MF, 13H14N3V2FR, 14H17N2, 15H11MF, 15H12VNMF, 15H17AG14, 15H18N12S4TYU, 15H18SYU, 15H6SYU, 16H11N2V2MF, 17H18N9, 18H11MNFB, 18H12VMBFR, 20H12VNMF, 20H13N4G9, 20H17N2, 20H20N14S2, 20X13, 25H13N2, 30Ch13, 30H10G10, 30H13N7S2, 31H19N9MVBT, 37H12N8G8MFB, 40H10S2M, 40H15N7G7F2MS, 40H9S2, 40X13, 45H14N14V2M, 45H14NMV2M, 45H22N4M3, 4H18N25S2, 55H20G9AN4, 55H20G9AN4B, 65H13, 95X18, AISI 409L, AISI 410, AISI 439, DI-13, DI-21, DI-77, EI10, EI100, EI107, EI211, EI229, EI268, EI283, EI303, EI303B, EI319, EI349, EI388, EI402, EI404, EI417, EI432, EI435, EI437A, EI437B, EI437BU, EI439, EI448, EI474, EI481, EI484, EI496, EI559A, EI572, EI580, EI598, EI602, EI607, EI612, EI617, EI628, EI645, EI652, EI654, EI680, EI684, EI69, EI695R, EI696, EI696A, EI703, EI703B, EI711, EI72, EI726, EI732, EI736, EI765, EI787, EI802, EI826, EI827, EI835, EI867, EI868, EI893, EI929, EI943, EP109, EP126, EP164, EP199, EP202, EP33, EP454, EP516, EP567, EP590, EP670, EP747, EP760, EP760-VI, EP795, EP814A, H21N28V5M3BAR, H23N13, H23N18, HN28VMAB, HN32T, HN35VT, HN35VTYU, HN38VB, HN38VT, HN45YU, HN55M6VYu, HN55MVYU, HN55VMTKYU, HN56VMKYU, HN56VMTYU, HN57MTVYU, HN58V, HN60VT, HN60YU, HN62MVKYU, HN62VMKYU, HN65MV, HN65MVU, HN65MVU-VI, HN65VMTYU, HN67MVTYU, HN70MVTYUB, HN70VMTYU, HN70VMTYUF, HN70VMYUT, HN70YU, HN75MBTYU, HN75VMYU, HN77TYU, HN77TYUR, HN77TYURU, HN80TBYU, N70MF, N70MFV, Steel15X25T, Chrome alloy steel 15H28, Nickel chromium steel with special properties 20X23H13, Stainless steel chrome-nickel stainless 20X23H18, Stainless constructional steel 20Х25Н20С2, Structural high alloy steel, X12N22T3MR, X15H24V4T, X25N16G7AR, X25N20C2, X25T, X28, XH78T, Х20Н32Т, ХН65МВТЮ
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